In Memory

John Trout

I received this information from Hugh Fullerton along with this link to the obituary detailing John's many accomplishments, interests and generosity.

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04/09/16 09:17 PM #1    

Paul Tierney

What an amazing life! Thanks to Hugh for providing the obituary. I have a vague memory of sharing an English class with John and Miss Sproule.

04/10/16 11:22 AM #2    

John Hermos

Hugh -  thanks so much for sharing John's obituary from 2013.  I was not aware of John's academic life but having  known him and his wonderful father from Junior High and Dwight Morrow, am not at all surprised.  John was an exceptional classmate, a treasure, and I am so glad that he lived such a full and productive life.   Best to all,   John 

04/10/16 12:22 PM #3    

Bob Krehley

It is always sad when you hear of the passing of a former classmate and very fine person. The world is a better place because John was in it. We are all better because we knew him. He is missed. Thanks Hugh.                                  Jambalaya to you John!  (Hank Williams)


04/10/16 01:43 PM #4    

Linda Stein (Poskanzer)

I had often wondered about John, so I too thank Hugh for catching us up.  I have many fond memories of Sunday afternoons at the Trouts when we were in Junior HIgh and learning to be debaters. Mrs. Trout baked brownies and blondies and Mr. Trout coached us:  John, Hugh, Bunny Kaye, and me!  We became quite a formidable debate team.  And we continued in high school as members of the Tower Club.  So wonderful to hear of John's accomplishments -- and of his great humanity.  What a superb legacy for his children and grandchildren.

04/10/16 09:27 PM #5    

Hugh Fullerton

John Trout was perhaps the most intelligent person I ever met.  As a teenager, his mind was often occupied with complex subjects, while the rest of us were concerned with more mundane matters.  He was a very private person, and hard to get to know well.  I suspect that few in the Class of ’57 knew him well enough to appreciate that intelligence as well as his quirky sense of humor.  As his debate partner, I know how modest he was.  He did most of the preparation for the two of us, but shared the credit with me when we won.  I’m sure that several generations of students at Hanover College, where he taught for many years, are wiser for having studied under him.

04/10/16 11:17 PM #6    

Ruth Shahbazian (Bedevian)

The Trouts were very fine people and John was ahead of us all - very bright, exceptionally gifted and in a class all his own.  Thank you, Hugh, for sharing John's obituary.  I did a double-take on the white hair in the photo, but I surely recognized that smile! 

04/11/16 10:02 AM #7    

Clifford Knapp

I never got to know John because we ran in different circles. It was my loss. He sounds like an interesting person to know. I wish I had. I'm fascinated with biographies and would like to know the life stories of all my classmates. Thanks Hugh for sharing John's bio sketch. Cliff

04/12/16 10:45 AM #8    

Edna Goodman (Burak)

I do remember when The NFL stood for The National Forensic League. The Trouts drove a Kaiser( nicknamed The Henry J),which we somehow crammed into for debate trips around the state. We won some,lost some and generally had a good time.

I bet John was a good teacher, using the same intellect,patience and humor we saw in him as a student.

Edna Goodman Burak

04/13/16 12:33 PM #9    

Raymond Benedict

I sat next to John in French class, and I was always very comfortable with our side conversations. One day we had a substitute teacher for the class. She passed around a sheet of paper for us to write in our names. When it came to me I wrote, "Napoleon Boneparte" and then handed it to John. He looked at me and smiled, and then he signed it and passed the paper back. When it was finished, it was given back to the teacher, and she didn't look happy. I started to worry a little, and then she said, "Who is Mortimer Schmerd?" I was a little relieved, then very surprised when John raised his hand. I felt maybe my "joke" influenced him, and now he might get suspended from school! I really respected him for admitting that he wrote it, and she then turned her attention to me. I got a little scolding, and then we moved on. I enjoyed that year with him and we had a lot of laughs together.                     Ray Benedict

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